web design by Sherry

Web Design

HTML, CSS, and Dream Weaver are the tools I used to design websites for Kaiser Permanente, Fireman's Fund and start ups where I was a full time web designer.

I currently design websites as a private consultant using text editing tools and templates that allow clients to maintain their own website. I also manage the websites and social media for an Oakland Car Dealership

My skills come from diverse lines of work all starting with being an artist. Upon graduating from University of Maryland I became a teacher of artists, an illustrator and then a designer of all things web.

I currently do creative work on a Wacom 24 inch touch screen and an Apple Ipad Pro using photoshop, illustrator and premiere.

Technical design

Computer Game Illustration

Using 3D Studio Max and Photoshop I illustrated screens for the Monday Night Football Game for ABC Sports

"10,000-Hour Rule"

- Malcolm Gladwell