web design by Sherry

I work with clients on site or electronically. I do updates on an existing site or from conception. I design using html, cascading style sheets and scripting or using templates allowing clients to easily update and maintain their own sites with a text editing tool. Click here to see hosting solutions that give you this capability.

Search Engine Optimization is important to your business. Providing the proper meta tags to your site tells google and other search engines what will be found on the page. Each page should have customized tags, it is never a good idea to have general tags on every page. Strategies to include content and tags to capture the your targeted audience is an important part of your site design. Google changes it's algorithm frequently so the best way to do well in search is to have rich content and thoughtful meta tags.



ROI has never been so easy to measure. You can see analytics on most hosting platforms. You will need to interpret what drives traffic to your site. If you invest in online advertising you will want to understand the analytic reports. You also need to understand which pages within your site entice visitors to submit information or buy products.


I do photography and provide my photo library as art for your website or business needs.

  • staff photos
  • business location photos
  • product photos
  • photos for your website, cards, posters etc.

Web Design


I have professional illustration experience in book publishing, ads, posters, computer games and logo design. I can give your site a custom look that makes your business stand out.

  • User interface design
  • Look and Feel
  • Art
  • Template set up
  • Shopping Carts
  • Blogs